How to Be a Successful Recruiter

Posted on 07/03/12 10:16:35 am

As a researcher and a writer, I’m always on the lookout for interesting articles. So, I was quite pleased the other day when I found an article about the successful traits of recruiters. In my opinion, I think they are pretty spot on and here are the five traits that really stood out to me.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It’s so easy to consider ourselves the experts. After all, a company hires us to help them out because we possess the proper skill set to get the job done. However, even experts still have a little room for learning. And, sometimes you’re unable to get the job done without asking a certain set of questions.

Partner with the candidate.

It’s important that the candidate consider you a trusted advisor. If not, you’ll only end up working against each other instead of with each other.

Pick up the phone.

This is something that our President and CEO, Donna Gaines, constantly talks about. With all the advancements in technology it’s so easy to email, text, tweet, and Facebook. But never forget about the importance of the good ol’ phone.


You have to know what’s important in order to know what needs to be done first. And, I think organization is a key thing here. At the beginning of every week I try to organize exactly what needs to be done. It helps for time management and to be able to fit in all of those little things that suddenly come up. I am also known for using spreadsheets and the sticky notes on my computer for everything.

Embrace patience.

The old saying is true – patience is a virtue. It’s especially important to remember when you’re relying on others to get something done. We all have our own set of deadlines which means they might have something that’s more urgent.